Damp Sheets


©Menelaos Liondos

Damp Sheets is part of an ongoing project Expanded Being, where choreographer and dancer Jenny Ocampo explores the relationship between choreography and architecture. In it, she investigates new spaces between bodies and places, emotions and house`s edges, allowing a certain instability to appear in the relationship to objects, to materials and walls. A sublime sphere is inhabited by the performers, unfolding layers of memories and history.

„ we need walls like damp sheets which lose their shapes and wed our fears…to find those umbilical cords that put us in communication with other suns, objects of total freedom that would be like psychoanalytic mirrors.“ Roberto Matta 

Concept & Choreography Jenny Ocampo Performers Rossella Canciello, Jenny Döll, Iro Grigoriadi, Iliana Kalapotharakou, María Sánchez Alonso Music & Sound design Alberto Lucendo Set Design Jenny Ocampo Coproduction: Urbanraum Produced at Urbanraum

Photography Louis Fernandez, Manuel Miethe, Menelaos Liondos Video edition: Michela Filzi, Beatrix Joyce Graphic Design Florencia De Solminihac

01 July 2017 Premiere, Urbanraum, Berlin

02 July, 11 & 12 Nov 2017 Urbanraum, Berlin


© Menelaos Liondos  www.liondos.gr