Hidden Tracks

©Zoad Humar Forero

Hidden Tracks was founded in 2015 by the choreographers Jenny Ocampo and Marcela Ruiz Quintero together with the german director Philip Gregor Grüneberg. The three artists have been working together since 2011.

Their work is based on dance, theater and performance in which they are collaborating with different artists, musicians, visual artists, stage designers, among others. Their artistic proposals are related to actual questions in latinoamerican scociety specially colombian society and the relationship of it to Europe. Their way of approaching these questions is always different but each time going deeper in an intensive process of reflection and further in a practical level, in which movement and theater transcribe the mental knowledge to the body. In some of their projects they have included the active participation of the public and the interaction between performers, audience and environment.

They have been producing their projects both in Colombia and Germany, building an intercultural bridge as an specific focus for their projects as well.