Hidden Tracks

©Fabian Glass


Hidden Tracks is a dance performance based on the experiences of being kidnapped in a Colombian jungle.  How can people who have been caught in oppression for years keep their humanity? What do people draw hope from if everything they love or what they lived for becomes unattainable? In times of maximum destitution, it is important to hold on one’s ideals and to not loose one’s last personal property: dignity. An evening that tells us about ones reason for survival: the love of life.

Concept Jennifer Ocampo Monsalve (Jenny Ocampo) Choreography and dance Jennifer Ocampo (Jennie Ocampo), Marcela Ruiz Quintero and Gabriel Galindez Cruz  Set design Jennie Ocampo and Volker Sippel  Costume design Jenny Ocampo, Marcela Ruiz Quintero and Gabriel Galindez Cruz  Light design Volker Sippel  Sound collage Philip Gregor Grüneberg  Dramaturgy Philip Gregor Grüneberg  Photography: Fabian Glass Production Jenny Ocampo  Production Management Philip Gregor Grüneberg Co- production Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster   Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Münster, Sparkasse Münsterland Ost und die Gesellschaft der Musik- und Theaterfreunde Münsters und des Münsterlandes e.V.